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Empress Catherine And in this perspective, the events we can not stay as a matter of Luhansk and the history of its origin. "Godmother" of Lugansk in 1795 became the Empress Catherine ii of the Romanov. We already wrote about that consciousness The soul, represented by way of Peter I of the Romanov was betrayed the Queen of Heaven (Virgin). Therefore, I got Peter into the lair of Satan is not accidental, but due to Ivan Mare (if the horse is an attribute of God, the mare - the attribute Virgin), a native of Novgorod, where from the time of Vladimir the Great left a lot of people of the archangel Michael. Queen of Heaven (Lady) as the highest structure of consciousness has the opportunity to influence the minds of all people, impact on the consciousness of the nobles of Russia, helping to build a mare by Ivan on the throne of the Romanov clan, who became for a long time, the dynasty of Russian tsars. The name of the dynasty of the Romanov family was given in honor of Roman goddess of dea roma, a symbol of the city of Rome mistress of the universe - Queen of Heaven (Virgin). Satan is a long time did not know that his people and was subject to him through the Romanov empire actually manages the Queen of Heaven (Virgin), which, as she could to hide that fact. In this case, the Queen of Heaven (Lady) to guide the Romanov such a way as not to arouse suspicion of Satan, who could with the filing of his closest think about the policies pursued to the detriment of its interests of the Romanovs, the distinguishing feature of which was illogical and conservatism.