Gold Gypsy Tarot Meaning In the Gypsy tarot, the ACE of gold coins is the root for any prototype projects in the real world. Guided by this deck may be as valuable as gold and as solid as concrete projects. The energy of this letter tells us that we have the possibility of building things that can be emotional or material, which could last for decades if we know accompany this gift to us is giving. The ACE of gold coins is not the promise of economic security that all expect to hear, but it is the assertion that resources will be given to the consultant, if you have the energy to go looking for them. It marks the beginning of a new stage, with more fortune and wealth can materialize in unexpected gift or an inheritance. This is revealed by the immateriality that holds the hand that appears in the image. Many interpret this letter refers to the wedding ring and the proposal of marriage. But it is necessary to clarify that, as the material issue on the stick of the golds is dominant, this union is based on mutual fortune and not so much in love. The ACE of gold coins us speaking of which there is a fertile ground where ideas, plans, projects can be planted for its maturation. Perhaps the growth does not occur at a very accelerated pace, but it is constant. It is a call to common sense and intuition Act to take the person to new levels of wealth. The ACE of gold coins has the rare characteristic of efficiently combining two worlds which are mutually exclusive: the material wealth and the spiritual wealth. What the ACE of gold coins is trying to say is that the consultant must deal with mature emotionally, because it will have...
Smartphone To all those people who believed that their Smartphone was invulnerable to attacks from cybercriminals only use Android as an operating system, we must unfortunately say that that speech already not may continue to be used. The reasons? Kaspersky Labs, leader in security solutions, has managed to detect and classify the first Trojan for OS from Google. Troyan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a, as he was named the malicious code, has infected a large number of mobile. To enter, the Trojan emulates a harmless application of multimedia playback that installs a file with extension of Android (.)APK) and that weighs only 13 KB. Once installed on the mobile, the software begins to send SMS messages to Premium numbers without user notice, sending money to an account of the cibercriminal itself. While it is not a novel system at all, yes it's the first case points directly on the Google platform. July 14, 2010, contributed one of the providers of data from Kaspersky erroneous information that was later incorporated into the anti-phishing databases of the company. As a result of this situation, all products of the Russian company's security immediately blocked the access to a site of prestige as it is from the BBC. Therefore, in the subsequent days Kaspersky users were found against the impossibility of accessing the URL and with a message stating that this page could be used to steal confidential information, cone bank accounts and credit card numbers. Or rather the prestigious security company detected the anomaly it released a patch to correct it, followed by an apology expresses towards its customers by what had happened. The official statement published ended by saying that Kaspersky is continually improving its procedures and offering updates that will prevent that errors as they occur in the future. Source: Antivirus.