Historical Summary The author Ana Medina Maria, son of Raymond Fernandes of the Fonseca and Maria Isabel Silveira Fonseca, was born in the city of Boquim. Graduated Letters for the College Catholic of Philosophy in the city of Aracaju, the historian has in its resume: Course of Frenchman in the French Alliance; she was Managing of the Historical Museum of Sergipe; it promoted Literary expositions and Workshops, with the use of the workmanship of Horcio Hour, beyond the Workshop of Education ' ' It Ver and Olhar the Workmanship of Arte' '. In its productions cartilha wrote one intitled ' ' A Dedinho de Prosa' ' , on the life of Horcio Hour. It developed some scripts for documents in video, as examples ' ' The Seven Steps of the Paixo' ' ' ' Boquim in Imagens' '. Between its accomplishments they are the development of the project and the assembly of the Museum of Boquim, establishing an interaction with the estudantil community. In the period of 1996 the 1997, assumed the administration of the Ceremonial of the Court of Justice of Sergipe, being co-founder of the periodical ' ' The Judiciarium' '. In the studies on the Bridge of the Emperor, the cited author, in its workmanship of 1999, shows a historical linking of Sergipe with the times of the Empire, an element that establishes relations of communication and transistion to the fact of being in the urban landscape a celebrativo monument and at the same time to be symbol and to be part of the history of the city. With the resource of the iconography, texts and carried through research, the author signals diverse restorations executed in the Bridge to keep its exuberncia, after all, was the space where the elegant aracajuana society is lingered, observing the beauty of the...
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