Canto General The practice is given by the heroism and ardor of each hero in the episodes: the praxis can modify history within certain limits. But at the same time shows a tension between both elements. History has conditioned stadiums, determined by the duration of a particular mode of production. The story may be modified by praxis. Then arises a double recovery, that could be paradoxical, that occurs to me is typical of Marxism. Postulated historical development infrastructure that is inevitable and necessary, phased and is valued at the same time human praxis, that is supposed to can change history, or modify it. We can see the great emotion that the poet puts in each of the episodes of Los Libertadores, they testify to the value granted to the fight, which is a possibility to change reality, and the final recognition of the historical process has its own laws, which is slow and cumulative, as noted in three stanzas of the end of the aforementioned song. This attitude is clear in part V of the poem. Why you speak of these pains that would set aside, not to stop us as a station from, or nor to strike earth with the forehead but to walk knowing, for touching the righteousness, with decisions infinitely charged sense, so that the severity is a condition of happiness, to be so invincible here appears the recognition of a struggle long and thorough, not yet fulfilled, and is also valued the role of knowledge, the Canto General as a didactic literature of new type aimed at awakening the conscience of the American masses, that are integrated into a secular fight, and form partnerships with their brethren in the acceptance of a brotherhood in pain, but that the course of history and human action will eventually abolish, indefinable...
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