General Motors In recent days, the automotive sector went on stage with Ford (NYSE:F) and General Motors (NYSE:GM) that since beginning of year, accumulated between the two, losses by US $30 billion. In this situation of crisis, General Motors has just decided the reduction of its production planned by 20% for 2009 to thus cut costs in order to avoid layoffs. It is that if it maintained the level of production planned, even ran the risk of running out of liquidity, which had led her to collapse in the absence of funding. Shortly after 100 years of life, the largest automotive worldwide faced the possibility of falling into bankruptcy. But returning to the subject of the $700,000 million, Henry Paulson, announced that with the money of the megaplan of approved rescue at the end of September, will expand aid to other sectors of the economy at the expense of banks and other financial institutions, who already cannot buy their toxic assets. By way of justification, Paulson made the following statements in yesterday, which were reflected by the Spanish Economist website: We needed to act quickly and firmly, and the purchase of illiquid assets, our initial goal, would have required more time to be put into practice and would have not been sufficient given the severity of the problem. When you read the news that the Treasury will cease to buy toxic assets, one cannot avoid frightening is thinking that this could lead to new falls of banks, which would revive the crisis. But logic pursued by the Secretary of the Treasury is to present as quickly as possible on the economy and because the process of acquisition of toxic assets would take more time than desired, is that it seeks to act in other sectors concerned to prop them up. The question...
Black Sea And what could be the income from in the absence of a modern hotel animation team? eternal holiday or on animation in Egypt generation of 60-70s remembers the bleak socialist times, when boarding the Black Sea leisure travelers fizruk charge in an old tracksuit. The main entertainment items on his list were jumping in sacks of potatoes and a solemn meeting of Neptune on the beach with some involuntary forced swim Participants of the event. Contemporary animators who work in the hotels of Egypt - much different from their colleagues from the past. The animator must have the gift to light the audience, what would a tourist feel that every day a holiday. Any tourists who visited Egypt in the modern hotel, with good animation, will want to return to Egypt at least once more. Cardinal rule of modern animation is this: The hotel does not sell rooms and food, and excellent mood! This setting helps the hotel to survive the intense competition and a profit. What needs to be able to make an animator? Yes, almost everything. For example, lead morning exercises, singing and dancing. In addition, the animator should be organized sports (volleyball, basketball, etc.), perform direct and funny clown for different age groups of tourists, most laid-back companion for clamped guests. Animator constantly having to improvise without a prepared plan of action. Generally improvisation - a necessary condition of the animator in Egypt. But most importantly - the animator must always be cheerful, energetic, active, and quite simply gush cheerfulness and sincerity.