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Transplantation Of New Products To GstarCAD By Ideas And Programs SL Beijing, China: August, 2012 recently, Ideas and programs, S.L. has successfully transplanted CAD-Autoblock GstarCAD platform. This is a new product since the transplant earlier in late July of 2012. So far, successfully transplanted products include ARKITool 2012, 2012 ARKIPlan, ARQ-Roof, ARQ-WoodRoof, CAD-Protect, CAD-Translate, TOP-Parcel and DOC-Translate and CAD-Autoblock. Ideas and programs, S.L. is a Spanish company with more than 25 years of experience in software development enforcado to architecture and construction sector in general. It has a wide range of professionals highly qualified both at technical and commercial. Hundreds of applications have been developed by Ideas and programs, SL on different platforms and in multiple versions. CAD-Autoblock is a program that allows users to locate and automatically generate with their entities in shot blocks. With this program, users can solve the problems caused by substitute entities that AutoCAD blocks are not used to organize the entities. In addition this program allows users to create different types of blocks, arrange the entities included in the block, configure entities accuracy, locate shapely bodies and find symmetrical entities, etc. These new features are also applicable in the GstarCAD platform since it is compatible with it. Through the perfect combination of these two software, the users can enjoy the practical functions of both products. In this case, the benefits of the users are optimized without additional costs. GstarCAD software has powerful functions and performance. We will continue to transplant other practical functions in GstarCAD to maximize the interests of our customers, the developer of Ideas and programs, SL said. Users can view detailed information of the product on this page:.