The Sense The teacher is who through their classes has the Mission of training and development of logical thinking in the school. Circumscribe these general approaches on the subject of precise mathematics the need to conceptualize different types of thinking as manifested in the teaching and learning of this matter with the objective of integrating styles of thinking, since in fact before the solution of a given situation in this subject coexist different types of thoughts (possible also in the child). The teacher knows the characteristics of different types of thinking? We then try to offer some reflections that will shed light on these aspects. DEVELOPMENT. We will carry out some initial considerations before you conceptualize some types of thinking, since in literature science not always appreciated the necessary clarity. These contributions that will help the teacher work consciously the stimulation and development of a proper mathematical thought, intent appearing as objectives in mathematics in primary education programs. MATHEMATICAL THINKING. First reflect on the term logical thinking, here is a quality that is attributed to the thought, the being logical. What do we understand then by logical? The everyday use of the term gives us idea of natural, adequate, etc. It is also used to qualify the thought in the sense of its validity and its correction, in this sense means logical thinking that is correct, i.e., a thought which ensures that mediate knowledge which provides conforms to the real thing. (Campistrous l. 1983). The second choice is own work at school. In this formation process of logical thinking in the early grades of elementary school, a subject that has greater incidence in this is, without a doubt, mathematics because it has a style of reasoning: as soon as possible of the expression, the reflection process structured with accuracy, the absence of...
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