Customer Friendliness Of Gas And Electricity Suppliers A good value for money is more important than a long-term study has revealed that the price-performance ratio is particularly important for electricity customers, follow right after the gas customers. Because the customer confidence in the reliability of the supply of gas and electricity and the fast elimination of problems is almost as important as a good price. However, the energy price is still the main criterion for a switch to another electricity provider or another gas provider. Consumers are forced to save. It is noteworthy that people with higher incomes and younger consumers switch providers much more readily than the older populations. The reason lies primarily in an increased need for security and an insufficient information about what means an electricity or gas switching and how easy he is to carry. A change of electricity provider requires the postal code of the budget, on the other hand, the average annual consumption for one. You can find these on the last annual statement of accounts, that the current electricity provider sent once per year. The values are entered in the appropriate fields and the current tariff Calculator in a few seconds the cheapest electricity supplier for the appropriate region and the household size. Who wants to search more precisely, can differentiate the search via the option choice. To select the limitation is on electric utilities, which offer green electricity tariffs or spend a special bonus for new customers. Other options include a fixed price guarantee or tariffs with prepayment or security deposits, for example. Similar conditions for the search for the cheapest supplier of gas. The input of the own consumption is important because averages can possibly falsified results. After the selection of the cheapest energy supplier the contract is entered directly online. The notice for the previous provider takes...
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