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Owners Take Advantage Of Self-service In The Valuation Of Real Estate METHOD real estate online to review DR. BARZEL owners who want to know how much is your property worth, should not your doctor or pharmacist questions, but someone who is experience in the evaluation of House or apartment has. As a rule, nobody knows better than the owner himself the own four walls. A responsible third party need to take only the object for a property valuation on-site inspection. He needs information about location, size, year, facilities, State, type of use and much more. Plans and drawings, calculation of living space and location map are for example required to make a real estate by an outsider to review. Most of the information and documents serve the appointed expert to familiarize it to allow an assessment of the real estate with the object of evaluation. In many cases, this means that the assessment expert is only transferred through an intensive examination of the real estate to be evaluated in the knowledge, about the Has owner per se. Why, wonders so many owners, should he deliver data and information outside professionals, which he can enter as property owners themselves in a real estate assessment program. That, for the owner of a real estate is cumbersome procedure, a professional with object information to letters, for a property often does not require incorporation. It comes to the owner only to find out what's the current value of his estate, he can enter his information about the object itself in response fields provided an online questionnaire. Filling in a registration form is easy for the user. With up to forty understandable questions, for example, a detached family home with Granny flat and garage within a few minutes can be captured. Any input errors can later easily be corrected. A nine-month investigation of the service for...