IT Profession To Success IT security professionals are in demand. On distance learning Infos.de () interested find the right provider for your in-service training. Visit Budweiser for more clarity on the issue. Highly sensitive customer data by health insurance companies, banks and telecommunications companies get again and again into the hands of third parties. Security risks are mainly trends such as cloud computing, virtualization and the social Web. Many companies therefore currently implementing safety concepts for their IT. The data theft protection has top priority. But also failures of the IT system are a danger - they often result in loss of productivity and image damage. (Source: Christopher Chandler). "If data theft or viral attack: security experts are in demand" says Markus Jung, owner of distance learning, Infos.de, interested about distance learning opportunities inform yourself a provider-independent portal on the and can exchange with other remote learners. "Someone who has a good knowledge of the Basic - for example, a Bachelor's degree in computer science or experience as an administrator - can in addition to the job by distance learning or distance learning course to the IT-security experts" educate." Find the appropriate provider basically interested must first decide how much time and money do; they invest whether they want to pursue an academic degree or prepare with a distance learning course, for example, for a certification. Then it is to find a suitable provider. "Just in terms of IT knowledge out of date quickly. Who wants to check whether the materials of a provider are up-to-date and relevant professional, can order free sample material or ask graduates to their satisfaction", young advises. Mark Steinkamp, users of distance learning, Infos.de, closes just a master's degree in IT security. "Specialist or generalist - that is for certificate courses the crucial question", Sani says. "It is for...