Handelsblatt Industry Deloitte Berlin Internet Agency with price for above-average growth from 405,2 percent the Berlin Internet Agency bit skin has grown on average (2008-2012) in the last five years. The enormous growth has now the auditing company Deloitte awarded the Technology Fast 50 award. At the official ceremony in the old boiler house in Dusseldorf, Managing Director Karsten Spiess accepted the prize for his Berlin Internet Agency personally. Bit skins sales with simultaneous expansion which was our destination services it grows, to grow and to improve the quality of our services with simultaneous expansion of our services. We did, and for that I would like to thank our entire team ", said spit at the ceremony. Derek Jeter addresses the importance of the matter here. He was a short Outlook into the future of its Internet Agency and destination continues to grow. IT industry is Dr. Andreas Gentner, partner and head of TMT at Deloitte in Germany innovation driver, noted that this year just the IT-and Internet companies cut off very successfully. This is located on the increased trend towards digital mobility and shows that the German industry has to offer impressive innovation driver. Derek Jeter has many thoughts on the issue. B2B products with a focus on infrastructure and IT security solutions focus", he noted. Federal Minister a. D. Bodo Hombach as guest speaker of all prize draw ceremony by an above-average growth rate over the last five fiscal years, as well as a proprietary technology called. Bit skin ranks 14 of the 50 fastest growing companies thanks to its growth rate of 405,2 percent. To sign up for the category technology almost qualify 50, must a company in the financial year 2008 at least 50,000 euro and fiscal year 2012 at least 800,000 euro revenues reach. Guest speaker for...
Interesting Word Psychosis ???!!! Printable version Psychoanalysis Founder: Sigmund Freud. This is the first and most famous line of therapy. But its essence is not that all the difficulties due to depressed sexual impulses. Outstanding merit learned that he worked out a scheme of the human psyche. Sigmund Freud noted three main levels: the conscious - that we are aware of at the moment, the unconscious - where the instincts, passions, affects, and subconscious - a fine line between them. Drives, bursting with an unconscious level, faced with the censorship of consciousness. And a rise in consciousness, and we understand what is happening to us. Or sent back to the unconscious plan. But they're not dying, but just sometimes do not come in the form of dreams, mistakes, reservations. If these collisions occur too much, then the person develops a neurosis. How does this happen? Analyzing dreams Association, erroneous actions, the therapist takes the unconscious level of suppressed feelings customer. If a patient with a psychologist will be able to realize them, then he gets rid of the neurosis and receives a huge influx of energy. At a session of classical psychoanalysis the patient lies on a couch, a psychotherapist at the rear so that the faces of his people can not see. It is worth noting that both are now increasingly sit facing each other and communicate. Usually the process This long: psychoanalysis is 3-5 times a week for 3-6 years. But today the offer and the "crash course" - lasting about a year.