Reality Thoughts You build your reality with your thoughts. This fantastic phenomenon which does not confirm the fact that you yourself decide the way how your life will be developed can be explained from the spiritual or quantum physics. From the point of view of quantum physics, we know that there are infinitely many events that may occur in a given time, but art thou who choose which event you want to happen. This way you'll materializing circumstances that will compose your reality. From the spiritual point of view, this phenomenon is explained by the law of attraction. In the spiritual world, or if you prefer, from metaphysics, peers are attracted. If you accept the fact that the universe is an energy manifestation of everything that exists, will easily accept the fact that your thoughts are energy vibrating at a certain frequency. Add to your thought a more powerful energy, the feeling, feel that you already have what you thought / wanted, add action to achieve this and I believe He materialize. You've made a change in your reality. I wonder, why do not you can materialize what you want if it seems to be so easy. The secret is in what you think. Not what you think at any given time, but your pattern of thoughts. All have a pattern of thoughts, of the type deserve-no me you I deserve it, I can achieve it - I can't get it, it is possible to achieve this - it is impossible to achieve this. Depending on your pattern of thoughts, you can achieve materialize or not what you want. Your pattern of thought originates when you are a child and is influenced by your environment, parents, school, media, etc. If you're the type of person who feels that you never get what...
The Environment The rest - like "rule of two minutes," or ways organize a system of storage - it's the details. The key point is - all the things collected, no holes, clarified, sorted, make time for only one specific, measurable, simple. And always have a plan. Then the system will be work, things will be done, and your productivity will increase significantly. 3. How to fix a "negative view of the world." Negative - this is good, it's feedback. The main thing - that it had been timely. If you are doing something and comes negative, you need to stop and thank him and let him go. After that, go back to the tasks. Negative, skepticism and doubt - are needed at the stage when the result is obtained at the stage of grinding. When making products out of semis. And another an important point, also in this topic - the environment. If your environment is objectively a "negative" you - you need to change it. Otherwise, do not get up. While living in the swamp is very difficult to change for the better once the swamp, you first need to get out of it. 4. The problem of "judge people by yourself." I realize that people are different that it took to understand them:) Prior to departure from Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg I was doing trainings on personal growth, but it took an active part in role-playing Traffic and studied Socionics. Therefore, to solve the problem number four and in general to improve the quality of communication, from the perspective of my experience, I can recommend only one thing: not to judge people on their own - need to understand.