Clear Street Nunes For the tricolor (of the Laranjeiras) Pablo Netto Rabbit, ' ' he does not have great society or pequena' ' that he does not have one or more self-sacrificing ' ' that they deviate part of its useful time, always with damage of particular interests and the conviviality with the proper family, for the activities of the clubs the one that if dedicam' '. The celebrity Mrio Amrico, who started the career of massagista in the Suburban Tricolor, says in its memories that the protector not only ordered in the club, but in the entire quarter! However it may be, the twisted one, that already it counted on the famous Moral journalists Cautious Neto and Jota Efeg, did not have of what to complain. Beyond being great the meritorious one of the club, Moscoso was its president when Didi played in the Madureira, brought De Campos of the Goitacazes for the director Pink Benedict, in 1947. Already in 1948, the talent of Didi attracted small multitudes to the games of the Madureira, that received proposals tempting from negotiation. However, Moscoso smart decided to hold it a little more, to get one better price more ahead. It made well. Perfectly adapted in the club, Didi turned a star and the definitive teams At the end of the year played a quick soccer, Moscoso until increased commanded its, but he used to advantage to advise it not to use it ' ' mscara' ' also to foresee that ' ' inside soon, Galvo Council member will be only homesickness in its imaginao' '. Said and made. At the beginning of 1949, Didi was vendido to the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro for 500 a thousand cruises. Attention: Aniceto Moscoso is not the Aniceto of the Portela! Although the School...
First Postcard We are all used to send each other beautiful postcards. This is a great way to share your warm-heartedness with loved ones. Blinding snow, beautiful Christmas tree forest, the favorite characters of fairy tales - what could be better adding to the good mood? We know that each process once occurred in the first time. Nothing happens without a reason. In this regard, there is a question where there was a tradition of giving Christmas cards? Insert the key plugs into a car to travel through time. Ready? Ready! Subtract from our time godochkov as a thousand young. What is this strange speech can be heard? It is an ancient inhabitant of China came to visit a friend who was not home. As do? The answer is obvious. Inserted into the door a piece of paper will point his friend, that it has had a visitor. Clearly modern cards is not just the usual notes, but also the first car does not go to comparison with the current trendy designs. Let's thank the Chinese, and continue our journey. Now we find ourselves in a medieval city. Seen at least once prints? So they acted as postcards. Of course, this expensive, and can afford it is not any smertnomu.Nu and right. We are much nicer to get bright and amusing pictures than any medieval engravings, right? But the Slavs were doing cheap popular figures. You are interested in knowing How does the process of their creation? Take a plate, painted on her picture and then on a path hollowed out area where the paint is not necessarily.