First Postcard We are all used to send each other beautiful postcards. This is a great way to share your warm-heartedness with loved ones. Blinding snow, beautiful Christmas tree forest, the favorite characters of fairy tales - what could be better adding to the good mood? We know that each process once occurred in the first time. Nothing happens without a reason. In this regard, there is a question where there was a tradition of giving Christmas cards? Insert the key plugs into a car to travel through time. Ready? Ready! Subtract from our time godochkov as a thousand young. What is this strange speech can be heard? It is an ancient inhabitant of China came to visit a friend who was not home. As do? The answer is obvious. Inserted into the door a piece of paper will point his friend, that it has had a visitor. Clearly modern cards is not just the usual notes, but also the first car does not go to comparison with the current trendy designs. Let's thank the Chinese, and continue our journey. Now we find ourselves in a medieval city. Seen at least once prints? So they acted as postcards. Of course, this expensive, and can afford it is not any smertnomu.Nu and right. We are much nicer to get bright and amusing pictures than any medieval engravings, right? But the Slavs were doing cheap popular figures. You are interested in knowing How does the process of their creation? Take a plate, painted on her picture and then on a path hollowed out area where the paint is not necessarily.
Central Bank Debt For debt obligations incurred prior to November 1, 2009, the marginal value per cent is taken as the refinancing rate of Central Bank, increased by half, at design of a bond equal to the ruble and fifteen per cent - on its debt in foreign currency. This order applies from January 1, po30 June 2010 as from 1 July 2010 to interest on such debt is used general order pursuant to paragraph 1.1, Article 269 of the Tax Code. Recall that the introduction of a special order of costs is seen as recognition of anti-crisis measure, and was first introduced in September 2008. As can be seen, the amendments are aimed at ensure that foreign loans, the s2011 make less attractive. 0.8 per cent of the Central Bank refinancing rate is approximately 6% per annum at the current level rates. Whereas in domestic credit to reduce Income tax will be almost 14% per annum. Cinematography organizations such organizations should take into account new provisions of paragraph 4.2 of Article 271i of paragraph 2.2 of article 273 of the Tax Code, which spread their effects on the relationship, arising from 1 January 2010 (paragraph 5 of Article. 10 of the Law ot27.07.2010 229FZ). The essence of the following. Funds received from Federal agencies Cinematography Fund of social and economic support for domestic film production, hire, display and promotion of national film, that are linked to budget allocations are accounted for as non-operating income in proportion to the conditions provided for receipt of these funds expenditures actually made by the source, but no more than three tax periods from the date of receipt of these funds.